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Phal violacea 'R900' D395
Phal violacea 'R900'

Site updated on 15th Jan 2001
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Welcome to The Orchid Place, Singapore
Breeder of rare and premium quality Phalaenopsis.

    We are Phalaenopsis growers from Singapore with a wide collection of high quality plants. We have been growing and breeding orchids for more than a decade and our collection includes some very rare and unusual orchid species. We specialise in Phalaenopsis species and hybrids of the albino varieties. We also have small collections of Dendobrium and other orchid genus .

    We are proud to have in our orchid collection, some of the world's rarest Phalaenopsis species:- the Phal amboinensis 'flava' and the Phal appendiculata.

Phal amboinensis 'flava' D361
Phal amboinensis 'flava'
     Phal amboinensis 'flava', the rare albino variety of the Phal amboinensis 'yellow'. This is one of the rarest of the Phalaenopsis species that not many, even amongst the expert breeders and the die hard collectors, knew of its existence. This particular Phal amboinensis 'flava' 'David Lim' was discovered 30 year ago. It has enomorous potential and a good candidate as a stud plant for crossing and hybridizing, producing green and yellow progenies. Progenies from this parentage are likely potential award winners.
     Limited stocks of flowering and near flowering size plants and seedlings in flasks are available to the serious collectors.
     See two of the progenies below :- Phal Ambonosa 'flava' and Princess Kaiulani 'flava'
     The two progenies on the right had Phal amboinensis 'flava' 'David Lim' parentage. Compare the same crosses, the common Phal Ambonosa and Phal Princess Kaiulani with ordinary Phal amboinensis parent Phal Ambonosa 'flava' D197
Phal Ambonosa 'flava'
(Phal amboinensis 'flava' X
Phal venosa)
Phal Princess Kaiulani 'flava' D262
Phal Princess Kaiulani 'flava'
(Phal amboinensis 'flava' X
Phal violacea 'alba')
Phal appendiculata D384
Phal appendiculata
     The smallest and extremely rare Phal appendiculata (flower is about 10mm in size) which was thought to be extinct. This is another rare species of this genus. Ever since discovered, reported and published long time ago, not much have been heard or seen for many decades. This is a must for orchid breeders and collectors who aspire to breed and cross Phalaenopsis species. We have managed to self and sib this species. The germination rate is very low and limited quantity will be available for collectors.
     The unusual Phal speciosa var. tetraspis. Each flower is unique and have visually very different markings despite being from the same spike. It will keep you in suspense when it blooms, not knowing what's coming next. The normal Phal speciosa var. tetraspis is generally white with light spots of purple. Phal speciosa var. tetraspis P036
Phal speciosa var. tetraspis
Phal Sweet Memory 'Ame Lim' D371
Phal Sweet Memory

Phal Su-An Cricket X Phal micholitzii D323
Phal Su-An Cricket X Phal micholitzii
     Visit our Photo Gallery  and view the orchid collection of Phalaenopsis species and hybrids. We propagate seedlings from our stud plants by hybridizing, selfing, sibling and stem propagation so that we can share our excellent collection with you.
    We suppy orchid seedlings in flask to hobbyists, retailers and commercial growers. Kindly check our Phalaenopsis Species Catalogue and Phalaenopsis Hybrids Catalogue   for seedlings available for sale. If you wish to be included in our mailing list for updates on seedlings for sale, please E-mail us at The Orchid Place (Singapore).

    The orchid seedlings offered for sale are in sizes of :

  • hobby flask of 8 to 10 seedlings,
  • medium flask of about 25 seedlings
  • large flask of about 40 seedlings
  • rare and exotic type are in flask containing 2 or 3 seedlings only.
  •      We will be glad to quote for large orders. Please contact us for your requirements and further information.

        We are particularly interested to source for albino varieties of the Phal lueddemanniana, Phal javanica and Phal gigantea. Contact us if you do have stock and are willing to share some with us. If you are looking for a particular orchid, not found in our collection, we can assist you to source it.

        We welcome enquiries and feedback. Please E-mail us at The Orchid Place, Singapore.

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    The Orchid Place
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