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Page updated on 25 June 2000.
Changes to Clause 11 added.

The Orchid Place, Singapore

Terms and Conditions of Sales

A) Foreign Orders

    1. Prices are quoted in US\\$ and subject to change without prior notification. This list supercedes all previous lists and offers.

    2. Our stocks are limited. Orders are subject to availability of stocks on a 'first come first serve' basis.

    3. We guarantee safe delivery of plants all year-round. Winter shipments will be packed with chemical heat packs. If damage occurs, please notify us immediately. Please do not refuse or return any shipment without prior notification.

    4. All plants are shipped in-vitro. To the best of our knowledge, no contamination occurs prior to shipment. If there is a problem with your order, do not hesitate to contact us within 1(one) week after delivery. We do not ship plants which are in poor condition.

    5. We believe our packing method to be the best available. However, due to handling conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee all seedlings will arrive in perfect condition.

    6. Payment should be made when you receive confirmation of the order from us. We will reserve your order for 2 (two) weeks until payment is received, failing which the order will be treated as cancelled.

    7. Remittance of payment by wire transfer, money order or cashier order in US\\$ or SG$ drawn on a Singapore bank only.

    8. Once we receive confirmation of clearance of payment, we will then process the necessary documents and fax or e-mail you our invoice. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

    9. CITES and Phytosanitary certificates are charged at cost. Please notify us if you require the documents.

    10. All local taxes are borne by purchaser. It is the responsibility ot the purchaser to check on the local government requirement. If local tax payment is required at point of entry, please notify us and include in your payment to us.

    11. Shipping cost will be charged @ 15% for orders below \\$500 and 10% for the next $500 and above. Minimum order is $200. For orders under $300, shipping and insurance will be charged at cost.

    12. Your local government may also required an import permit. Please provide and specify the nearest port of entry (airport) if an import permit is required.

B) Plants damaged during shipment

    1. Any plants damaged due to freezing, overheating, or physical damage while in transit is the responsibility of the freight carrier.

    2. All shipments are insured to cover damage during shipment.

    3. To make a claim for shipment damage, notify the carrier within 24 hours for an insurance claim.

    4. Damage caused during shipment is not the responsibility of The Orchid Place.

    We want you to be totally satisfied with your order. If something is wrong, please contact us before you return the plant. We will advise you on how to handle the situation and arrange for a replacement or refund, whichever you prefer.

Please remit payments only when you receive our confirmation of your order.

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